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Hello and welcome to my web site~

I've been thinking a lot lately about my amazing journey of personal transformation and all the changes and progress I have made in my life. I came from a place of great struggle and pain. There have been many challenges and hurdles to overcome. I grew up experiencing many conflicting messages. I learned about unconditional love and beauty on one hand, and of great fear and self-doubt on the other. I did the best I could with the knowledge I had, but it wasn’t nearly enough to guide me thru my journey in life.

Finally, I came to a point when I felt hopeless and lost. I could no longer go on living the way I had been, yet I didn’t know what to do to change. No matter what I tried, things just got worse. Every attempt to escape my internal prison failed. I was at the point of giving up when I decided to reach out and try one more time. I believe that I was given the gift of desperation. I realized that there had to be something more to life than what I had. And I became determined to find it. So a new journey began in my life; a journey of growth and change.

I believe that the source of all change lies inside me; in fact, I believe that everything that I require for a happy life is already inside me. For all true happiness comes from within. No outside source can make me happy. However, I also know that I need help to see the path to that inner happiness. It takes input and guidance from those around me to find ways to make the changes that I desire to make. The realization came that the easiest way to learn how to change and grow was from those who had already travelled that path. So I searched for others who could show me the way.

Over the years I have investigated and studied many sources and forms of personal development and personal transformation. There is an abundance of options available for anyone who is looking to grow and become more than they are. And the potential for human growth and development is truly limitless. Thru my search, I have put together a collection of resources that I have used myself or have had recommended by people I trust. Since I believe that each person’s journey is unique, I have tried to include a variety of options to choose from in order to make something available for everyone. Personally, I have found that it is thru a combination of tools that I gain the most. As you search my site, keep in mind that some things will work better for you than others. I know that you will find some wonderful tools here to help you on your path of personal transformation.

One of the most important tools I can offer is friendship. I hope that thru this site we can become friends and support each other on our most excellent journey of discovery and personal transformation.

Thank you for being my friend and allowing me to be yours,

Galaxy Dave


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